Huge Website Mistakes You Need To Avoid Doing in 2021

Did you know that the average website conversion rate is just 2.86%? That’s not a lot! Website owners need to be aware of their mistakes and make changes to improve their conversion rates. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some common website mistakes that are being made in 2021 that you need to avoid.

No Call To Action

One of the biggest mistakes a website owner can make is not having a call to action. Websites need to have something that they want their visitors to do, and it needs to be clear from the visitor what they should be doing.

Incorrect Use Of Sliders

Slider images are standard on websites for a good reason: sliders provide an easy way for visitors who aren’t interested in reading through your content or watching your video right away to get some information without taking much time at all. However, if you don’t use any text on your sliders or overload them with information, then they’ll just close it out, which won’t help improve conversion rates!

Hidden Navigation Menu

There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking around on a website and not knowing how to navigate where you need to go. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes that many websites are making is hiding their navigation menu at the top or bottom of your page, making it difficult for visitors who want quick access to information.

Hard To Read Content

Having hard-to-read content makes it hard to keep visitors on your website. For example, you might forget to put spaces between sentences or paragraphs, making it hard for visitors who may not speak English fluently or don’t want to take time reading through all of this information. Make sure that your language appeals to your target audience and that they understand the point you’re trying to get across.

No Clear Contact Information

While many visitors won’t require contact information right away, some businesses do need contact information. If you don’t have it on your website, then they’re going to be frustrated. Make sure that this is something that’s clear on every page of your site, so visitors will know where they can get in touch with you!

No Link To Social Media Profiles

Social media is one the most popular ways for people to connect with their friends and family these days. If someone visits your website, but there isn’t a link to either Twitter or Facebook, they won’t interact with you through those mediums after visiting. Make sure your social links are included at the bottom of each post, so visitors know exactly how to stay connected with what’s happening on your pages.

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