7 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS

Are you ready to start your web design journey but feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is choosing the best CMS or Content Management System for your website.

CMS is a software that essentially helps users manage, create, and modify content without having to know lengthy code such as JavaScript or HTML. Without a CMS, you’ll be up to your ears in code! Lucky for you, there are some fantastic options out there to make things a lot easier.

While there are certainly plenty to choose from, we can’t help but shout from the rooftops about WordPress.  Need more convincing? We’ve got 7 reasons why WordPress is the best CMS in 2024.

WordPress Powers More than 1/3 of the Entire Web Space

According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 42.9% of all the websites on the Internet. Crazy, right? It is by far the most popular and best CMS available. WordPress has a standard dashboard, which makes it easily adaptable to users around the world. WordPress has an unlimited number of customizations, plugins, and themes to make it fit with your website goals. Many large, well-known organizations use WordPress. Some great examples include The New Yorker, the University of Washington, and Mercedes Benz.

Creating and Managing Content is Easy

Without a CMS, you would need to write an HTML file and upload it to your server. WordPress instead uses a simple format, showing you a standard blog entry interface instead of complicated code. Through WordPress, you can upload photos, videos and organize your website with a click of your mouse.

If you plan to use a web designer for your site, you don’t need to be an expert to manage it when your website has been completed. Instead, customization has never been easier. When you need to make changes to your content, you can automatically see the changes in real-time by pressing the “preview changes” button. You can easily backup your website to go back to an older version if something goes wrong.

WordPress is truly the best CMS because its user-friendly platform with multiple tutorials available to get you started right away. WordPress has a huge global presence and community. Since millions use the site, there are forums and resources available if you have any issues with your website.

Integrating E-commerce is simple

U.S. e-commerce sales reached $1.03 trillion in 2022. Moreover, the projects for the final amount spent in 2023 are predicted to be even higher. So, what does this mean for your business? You need to be able to sell your products and take payments through an online marketplace.

WordPress offers ways to integrate e-commerce into your website. You can use plugins like WooCommerce to set up an online store and start selling products easily. This seamless integration allows customers to browse, add to cart, checkout, and make payments directly on your website. By using one of the best CMS, like WordPress, you have complete control over the design and layout of your e-commerce store.

Tons Of Plugins To Choose From

WordPress boasts an impressive library of over 59,000 plugins. These are essentially add-ons that you can install to extend the functionality of your website. Want to create an online store? There’s a plugin for that. Need SEO tools? There’s a plugin for that too. From security enhancements to social media integrations, the power of WordPress plugins makes it one of the best CMS choice.

Community and Support

The WordPress community is vast and incredibly supportive. This means you’re never alone in your web design journey. Whether you’re looking for tutorials, forums, or professional assistance, you’ll find what you need within the WordPress community, making it one of the best CMS choices. Plus, the constant updates and improvements this community drives ensure WordPress stays on top of its game.

Great for SEO

Search engines prefer websites that present their content in a clear and organized manner. If your website has a cluttered layout or is packed with unnecessary content, it could negatively affect your visibility in search engine results.

What’s the reason for this? Search engines scan your website to find content that matches what users are searching for. If your website is well-organized, it’s easier for search engines to connect your content to relevant keywords, which can boost your rankings. Conversely, a disorganized website can lower your ranking and potentially impact your business.

Google, in particular, favors WordPress sites due to their user-friendly navigation, mobile responsiveness, and optimized content. WordPress also offers various plugins, like YoastSEO, which can enhance your SEO efforts and help you fully optimize your website.

The Features Are Endless

WordPress truly caters to the customer, making it delightfully simple to manage your website, which makes it the best CMS. They offer unlimited plug-ins, allowing control over a wide range of features from security to email integration. Moreover, WordPress simplifies the process of modifying every facet of your site.

For instance, if you’re a larger non-profit with multiple users updating your site, you can assign different roles within your organization. As a site owner, you have the power to grant permissions to individuals based on what they can or cannot do on your site. This ranges from being an Administrator with access to everything, to an Author who is only able to write blog posts.

Whether you’re designing the perfect lifestyle blog or running a small business on the go, WordPress is the best CMS to meet your needs.

Wrapping It Up: What Is The Best CMS?

There are many more reasons why WordPress is the best CMS, but these are my top seven. I have designed on many platforms as a web designer and have found WordPress to be the best for my customers.

To sum it up – WordPress is easy and one of the best CMS available. I want my customers to have a finished product that is simple to manage, and WordPress is the best CMS to fit those needs. If you’re looking to step up your online presence, let’s chat! Send a message to get started.

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