Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to my Website?

There’s a lot of people asking the same question: Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?

You finally launched your newly designed website. However, you wait a few days and realize that no one is visiting. If you’re experiencing low traffic to your website, you’re not alone. As of 2019, at least 91% of content on the internet didn’t have any traffic coming from Google. That’s a lot of people asking the same question: Why isn’t anyone coming to my website? The idea isn’t to compete against every other website on the internet; it’s to optimize your website to attract the type of traffic you want. Here are some reasons why you might be experiencing low traffic on your website.

1. Lack of Social Media or Blog

Google loves to share sites with social media and blogs because it creates more information that can be shared on the internet. In addition, having a blog and social media helps build your reputation, earn credibility, and give customers more ways to interact with you.

2. Not Posting Regularly

Search engines want to see regular content. If you’re posting consistently, you have a better chance of search engines ranking your site higher. If you’re not posting updates or relevant information, you’re missing opportunities to put your site ahead of potential customers.

3. Your Website is Not User-Friendly

Are users easily able to navigate around your website? Can they figure out what you do in the first minute of visiting your website? If you answered no to either of these questions, it’s time to make a few changes. First, check every part of your website to ensure it’s properly working and delete content that is irrelevant to your brand or purpose. Potential customers want a website that is easy to navigate, so broken links and irrelevant content will drive them away.

4. Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to attract? Who is your demographic? You should know the age, gender, location, income level, taste, and preference of your customers. You want to learn as much information on your ideal customer as possible to make sure you’re creating relevant content.

5. Doing Too Much

If you’re trying to do too much on one website, you’re not going to attract traffic because search engines don’t know how to rank you. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that you’ve narrowed down your business to a specialized segment. For example, if you run a flower shop, you don’t want to use your website to showcase your woodworking and DIY cookie recipes. Instead, only post content related to your flower shop and keep your side projects on a different platform.

6. Poor SEO

You may have the best content on the internet, but if your website is not Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, you will not show up at the top of the search eSo checks. Check your content to make sure you use proper language, relevant keywords, link building, and create content that fits your brand.

6. Slow Loading Times

The ideal website load time is 1-2 seconds. However, 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. What does this mean? Every second counts. If your images are too large or too much code on your page, it will seriously delay your website loading speed. This can be the difference between keeping and losing a potential customer.

Most of these problems can be easily fixed by changing a few aspects of your website.

However, not all web design is created equal. Don’t want to worry about fixing these problems yourself? Contact us to see how we can create a unique customized website to fit your brand goals.

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