Top 4 Reasons to Use Infographics in Your 2021 Web Design

With the amount of content produced on the internet today, it’s easy for your content to get lost among the crowd. With this amount of noise, it makes it hard for your target market to find you. One of the easiest ways to get your customer’s attention is by using infographics. Infographics are a highly graphical visualization tool that can attract the largest audience, create brand awareness, and help readers digest hard-to-understand information.
Using visual tools with innovative designs, such as infographics, is a captivating and simple way to boost your website in 2021. If you struggle with creating great content or your website is not receiving the hits it deserves, consider creating an infographic to incorporate with your 2021 website design. According to Square Marketing, infographics have increased over 800 percent since 2015, and over 65% of brands use infographics in their content marketing. This number is expected to increase in 2021. If that wasn’t reason enough to create an infographic for your website, we’ve put together the top four reasons to use infographics in your 2021 web design.

Prove Your Authority

Creating infographics shows your authority in your chosen topic. When you can put numbers and graphics together in a visually appealing way, it captures your target audience’s attention. The act of developing an infographic takes time, knowledge, expertise, and experience that your client does not have. When clients think of you as an expert, they’ll trust your ability. The more clients trust you, the more they’re willing to invest in your products and services.

Infographics Boost Your SEO

Infographics are share-worthy. The combination of words and pictures makes it easy to share across multiple platforms a lot faster than plain text. This results in more shares, likes, and clicks to your infographics. The more that people are interacting with your posts, the higher Google will rank your page. Google likes content that is consistently shared through multiple platforms because it is considered of higher value. When creating this content, make sure to use relevant keywords and phrases that relate to your services so that you’re adequately boosted.

Easy to Understand

If readers forget your content, they’re less likely to visit your website a second time. According to Fast Company, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. With infographics, readers can quickly scan information, understand your message, and leave your page understanding complex ideas in an easier way. This leads to higher shares and more memory of your data.

Increase Brand Awareness

When you create an infographic, you can put your company’s information and website on it. You can even track the post to see how people interact with it and how many times it is shared. By creating a brand presence, you increase the number of potential customers who will recognize your brand. The more recognition, the more your clients trust your brand, which leads to more sales.

If you want to see how adding elements, like infographics, can boost your web design and presence in 2021, reach out to SĒDR STUDIO here for a free consultation to discuss your brand’s goals.

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