About Sēdr Studio

[see·dr stu·di·o]

Hi, I’m Anna! I work with women-owned businesses, small businesses, creatives, and non-profit organizations to help create unique web designs that showcase you and your organization in its best light. I’ll tell your story through your web design to ensure your clients will remember and recognize your brand. I create authentic designs that skillfully convey your message.

I am a talented multicultural communicator interested in web design, digital-first concepts, digital communication, photography, blogging, YouTube, and Japanese.

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Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to my Website?

Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to my Website?

There’s a lot of people asking the same question: Why isn’t anyone coming to my website? You finally launched your newly designed website. However, you wait a few days and realize that no one is visiting. If you’re experiencing low traffic to your website, you’re not...