About Sēdr Studio

[see·dr stu·di·o]

Hi, I’m Anna! I work with women-owned businesses, small businesses, creatives, and non-profit organizations to help create unique web designs that showcase you and your organization in its best light. I’ll tell your story through your web design to ensure your clients will remember and recognize your brand. I create authentic designs that skillfully convey your message.

I am a talented multicultural communicator interested in web design, digital-first concepts, digital communication, photography, blogging, YouTube, and Japanese.

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How to Boost Your Audience as an Influencer

How to Boost Your Audience as an Influencer

If you’re a small business or influencer, you can’t push out content with no purpose and expect to have a positive reaction from your audience. Instead, you must find meaningful ways to engage your audience and build your brand authentically to gain trust....