Project Overview

Suzanne Manser, PhD.

Create a modern website for their private practice.


Suzanne Manser is a licensed psychologist with a private practice specializing in treating eating disorders and anxiety. The goal was to redesign their website with specific stock images that did not include people.


We stuck with a white background, with bright greens and light colors. We tried to do a minimal website with an emphasis on the watercolors to bring out the color.


UI Design
UX Design
Front-end development

A simply designed site for mental health patients.

The home page begins with a watercolor image and a  quote from Anaïs Nin. Then, a short biography of Suzanna Manser. We choose these watercolor images because of their beauty.

Organized Information

Suzanne Manser specializes in a variety of treatments. We made sure to highlight those treatments in an organized yet colorful way. Watercolor stock images were used instead of human stock images.

A mine of information.

Suzanne Manser provides as much information for her clients as possible. From books, podcasts, websites, and other resources, you can find various helpful links.

Professional Blog

The site, above all, is a portal rich in varied information about eating disorders and other mental health issues. Clients can also find Suzanne’s personal thoughts in her blog.

“I worked with Anna on a redesign of my website, and I love the end result. My site is much more modern, is absolutely beautiful, and works as I need it to.”

Suzanne Manser, PhD