Project Overview


Create a modern website for their life coaching practice.


Sandra Rodriguez is a life coach and an expert at helping people unleash their potential. The goal was to freshen up her website but still keep the minimal aesthetic.


We stuck with a white background, bright purples, pinks, and browns. We did a minimal website design emphasizing Sandra’s experience and what she can do for others.


UI Design
UX Design
Front-end development

A simply designed site for a mindful life coach.

The home page begins with an older woman sitting in a yoga pose following a CTA, allowing you to receive free downloadable items.

Minimal Design

Sandra Rodriguez is a Life Coach with a unique experience. We made sure to highlight her experience in a minimal yet elegant way.

Service Packages Organization

Initially, Sandra Rodriguez didn’t have a “My Packages” section on her website. So, we highlighted them on her service page with a clear call to action.

Life Coach Services

The site, above all, is elegant and rich in informing her clients about her services and experience. 

….coming soon
Sandra Rodriguez