Project Overview


Create an ADA accessible website for their users to access resources.


1IN4 is an intersectional coalition of disabled creatives currently working in Hollywood. They needed a website that was ADA accessible, allowing access to their resources for all forms of disabilities that affect access to the Web.


The colors, simplicity, and design were created so that anyone with a disability would be able to access their website without any issues. We also added an FAQ with more resources for creatives needing assistance.


ADA Accessibility
UI Design
UX Design
Front-end development

A simply designed resource site for disabled creatives in Hollywood.

We begin with the majority of the information, besides resources, on the main page. All the data involving disabled creatives currently working in Hollywood is transparent.

ADA accessible website design for creatives.

We made sure that we used a color-blind accessible color palette when designing the website and simple highlights and a mobile menu.
….coming soon
1IN4 Coalition