Do I Need To Decorate My Website For The Holidays?

You’re probably reading this post because you want to know if it is worth decorating your website for the holidays. You might have already noticed that there are holiday decorations everywhere – in grocery stores, malls, or even your favorite coffee shop. However, what’s the protocol when it comes to applications or websites? Is it really necessary to decorate? Here’s the low-down on decorating your website for the holidays.

Is It Necessary To Decorate For The Holidays?

It’s not necessary to decorate or change your web design for the holidays, but by forgoing it, you could be missing out. Decorating your website can help your visitors get in the holiday spirit as well as increase the number of sales you make during this season. Since people often use this time of the year to find the perfect gifts for family, friends, or significant others, helping to create a festive environment makes it easier to find what they need.

4 Easy Ways To “Decorate” Your Website

Luckily, decorating your website for the holidays doesn’t have to be complicated. There are several ways in which you can help get your visitors in a holiday mood without overwhelming them with too many decorations or having them look tacky. Here’s how:

1. Update Banners

One of the easiest ways to get your website ready for the holidays is by updating your banners with holiday themes. These could include something as simple as a red and white theme or even some snowflakes, but it all depends on what you think will help drive more traffic to your site or what makes sense with your brand.

2. Change Profile Pictures

As for your social media profiles, now is the time to change those profile pictures. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, try changing them to something festive, like a picture of yourself in front of a Christmas tree or adding sparkle to your logo. It doesn’t have to be anything major, just enough that helps set the mood for this holiday season.

3. Apply Holiday Cheer To Your Website Photos

Another way to decorate your website for the holidays is by changing up some of its photos. If you have many images related to Halloween or Thanksgiving, consider replacing them with new ones that fit in better with this season. This might include adding gift boxes, bows, or any other type of decoration to your pictures to make them more festive.

4. Create Holiday-Themed Copy

Last but not least, you can have a little extra fun with your copy. Whether it’s changing up the words or adding in some holiday puns, there are many ways you can make this season fit seamlessly throughout your website. You could even consider writing an entirely new blog post for this time of year that includes tips on holiday shopping or new products you’ve added to your site.


As you can see, there are several ways in which you can decorate your website for the holidays without making it look too busy or tacky. With a few simple changes, anyone who visits will instantly feel like they’re part of the holiday season and become more likely to spend money while on your site.

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