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Customers are searching every day for the things they need on the internet. If you’re not optimizing your website, you won’t show up in your customer’s searches. Working to obtain a higher search engine ranking will help your business acquire new leads and grow your business. If you’re new to ranking on a search engine, also known as creating SEO on your website, check out our following tips to help you start.

Write SEO-Friendly Content

Search engines have nothing to use to rank and match your business with those who need it without content on your page. To write SEO-friendly content, you need to research relevant topics for your audience based on the keywords they’re searching for. Then, you’ll want to incorporate those keywords into your content, meta tags, and header tags. Once you’ve created your content, you need to post it on a fast and responsive website. Remember that you won’t rank right away for your content. According to Statista, it takes on average three to six months to rank through your SEO efforts. Depending on the difficulty of your keywords, it could take even longer.

Start Link building

Links are essential to help improve your ranking on search engines. However, you’ll want to be picky about the links you choose because not all links are created equal. Only use links from trustworthy and reputable sites. If the site is low quality or doesn’t have the science and proof to back up its claims, don’t use it on your site. Wrong links can seriously hurt your ranking on Google. If you want reputable sources to backlink to your website, you’ll need to focus your time on creating valuable content that works for their platform. For example, becoming a guest writer or writing a blog for reputable websites that link back to your website is a great way to get a backlink from these sources.

Create a Responsive Website

You need a website that is easy to interact with and loads properly regardless of your customers’ device. Mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide, so if your website can’t keep up, users will leave your site. Plus, Google ranks websites based on mobile-friendly and indexes websites based on a mobile-first perspective.

Use SEO-Friendly Images

Instead of bulky content, split your text up with pictures related to your content. If you can post images or videos that will help users learn what your content is trying to teach, you’re more likely to keep users engaged and excited. However, when you add images, it’s essential that you properly optimize them for SEO purposes:
  1. Use tools like Kraken to shrink your image size. The more compressed your image is, the faster your page will load.
  2. Make sure to optimize your image’s alt tag to describe what it’s showing, such as “traveling on an airplane” or whatever your image depicts.
  3. Make sure the image name is relevant to what the picture is showing. Instead of uploading a file called IMG38392, name it “girl-traveling-on-airplane.”

Optimize Your Website

Having a properly built website design is a must for the success of your company. Being able to create one yourself that fits precisely what you need may sound mind-boggling. If you’re looking to step up your online presence, set up a time to chat with us at sēdr studio.


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