Content Ideas for Your Non-Profit

As a non-profit, there are so many ways you can structure your social media or blog content. You need to have an ongoing stream of content and information to attract supporters and retain those you already have. If you’re consistently feeling stuck or uninspired, check out these ideas to boost your online presence.

Highlight Your People

One of the easiest ways to create content for your non-profit is to highlight the people who make it possible. You can create a blog post introducing all of your volunteer members, or you can do a weekly post highlighting a specific person. You can either write about their accomplishments or let the volunteer explain their personal story on why they chose your non-profit.

Show Behind the Scenes

What does your non-profit do daily? What is your office aesthetic? Take photos or record videos documenting a day in a life at your organization or show off the people behind the organization who work so hard to make your non-profit successful.

Explain Your Impact

Share how you help others. Your social media or blog is the perfect place to show the impact you have on your organization. For example, if you rescue dogs, introduce the dogs at your rescue and tell how they came to your organization. Heartwarming stores will attract fans to your page, and they’ll be more willing to donate to your cause.

Offer Your Services

Do you offer various services or educational sessions to the public? Let your followers know! Take time each week to educate your audience on what services are available and how to use them.

Livestream Your Events

If you have an event coming up, make sure that you record or live-stream your fundraiser. Not everyone will be able to attend, so this provides an additional way to interact with your audience. Assign one of your staff members to interact with the live stream, answer questions, and showcase the event to retain your audience’s attention.

Show the Impact of a Donation

Educate your followers on how you spend the money at your organization and the impact of a donation. If followers can see the type of impact they can make, they’re more likely to give. Plus, since most don’t know how your non-profit works, followers will get an indepth insight into what exactly you do.

Talk About the Highs and Lows

Not everything needs to be a highlight reel. Instead, talk about the challenges that your organization might be facing. Is there something hard about working for your non-profit? What are the problems that your organization faces? Being honest and transparent about your work, good and bad, will sit well with your followers.
Creating content for your non-profit doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Please share what you do and how you do it and highlight the people who help make it happen. If you need additional ideas, ask your audience what they would like to see from you. Have more questions? Contact me here!


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