6 Black Friday Marketing Tips For Your Business

The day after Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and shopping. It’s also the busiest online shopping day of the year, with millions of people hitting in-store and online sites to find that perfect gift or new shoe at a great price. So if you’re planning on marketing your business this Black Friday, here are six tips to increase conversion rates and boost revenue.

1. Offer A Discount Or Free Shipping

The reason customers are so excited to spend on Black Friday is that they believe they’re receiving a deal they wouldn’t usually be able to score on a regular shopping day. Make sure to offer a discount or free shipping on Black Friday to encourage customers to make their purchases. Don’t forget the power of time-sensitive coupons! Make sure your customers know that your deals are only available for a limited amount of time, so they’re encouraged to purchase on Black Friday. This will help bring in additional revenue from people who would have otherwise shopped elsewhere.

2. Put Advertisements On Social Media

Social media is a great place to show off your brand and interact with customers. But did you know that social ads can actually result in more sales? When it comes to Black Friday, this means taking advantage of the shopping-focused features on Facebook and Instagram. For example, add shoppable posts or offer exclusive coupons when people check your store location on Facebook! This will help drive customers who are already planning their purchases for later in the day.

3. Ensure That Your Website Is Optimized For Higher Traffic

This year, Black Friday sales are expected to reach 17 billion dollars. If your website isn’t optimized for high traffic on this day, you’re missing out on a lot of revenue. Ensure that your site can handle large amounts of visitors by adding new servers or updating your software if necessary. If your website is outdated or not working right, it’s time to hire a web designer who can help.

4. Send E-mails Featuring Your Sales

People are busy on Black Friday, so they may not have the time to browse your site for deals. That’s why it’s essential that you send targeted e-mails featuring sales or discounts that will appeal to their interests. You can also use this strategy during other big shopping holidays throughout the year!

5. Create Pop-Ups On Your Website

You know how pop-ups immediately grab your attention, forcing you to read whatever it says? Well, that’s precisely what they are intended for! Creating a pop-up on your site will encourage people who visit the page to take action and buy if they like what they see. This is one of the best ways to increase sales during Black Friday.

6. Create A “Black Friday” Button On Your Site To Increase Conversions

If someone lands on your website looking for deals but doesn’t find them right away, it may make sense for them to leave and shop elsewhere. That’s why you must add a “Black Friday” button or link somewhere obvious to drive conversions up this year!

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