5 Web Design Mistakes that can Hurt Your Business in 2021

When it comes to web design, you know how important it is to have a strong web presence that provides an amazing user experience. When designing your website in 2021, you’ll probably search for resources on design tips and top design trends of the new year. You’ll find information on what to do, and how to properly optimize your web design to attract customers. This is all useful advice. Having a properly designed website will increase your SEO, boost your sales, and will help you reach your target audience.

However, what’s even more important is to know what website design mistakes you should avoid in 2021 to make sure you’re not hurting your business results. Check out our top five tips below!

Overwhelming Pop-Ups

Visit almost any website, and you have properly been interrupted at one point by a pop-up advertisement. Most of the time, Pop-ups will ask you to subscribe to a list or to download some type of item. However, most users find Pop-up’s frustrating and it can even affect the amount of time a potential customer will stay on your page.

Auto-playing Video

Many business owners use automatic playing videos to capture the attention of website visitors. However, if the visitor wasn’t expecting the video, it can cause confusion and end visitation to your website. Unless you are a news or sports website, where it is expected that a video will be automatically playing, it’s best to avoid auto-playing.
If you have a video that you think is important for your readers, auto-mute the video for the first minute and allow users to unmute the content if they find it interesting or want to learn more about the video.

Poor Navigation

Users want to be able to find their way around your website without having to work hard. When users find a dead-end or error, they’ll leave your page for another website. It’s important to make sure that every page is working properly on your website. To ensure that you have smooth navigation, check every page, and linked content.

Make sure that you’re effectively using hyperlinks, linking all your web pages to another piece of content on your site, and creating a call to action. This is a task that should be done every few months to ensure your web page does not have any navigational issues.

No Relevant Content

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is keeping content on their page that is not relevant or updated. Having old information makes your website seem like it isn’t credible and will drive potential customers to your competitors for newer information.

To avoid this mistake, try to get in a habit of reviewing your content and updating it to be relevant. For example, if you have a blog page with the title, “How To Travel in 2020”, update that information to be relevant for traveling in 2021. Simple changes to your information and content titles will help establish your brand’s credibility.

Chunky Text

Have you ever visited a web page that was so overwhelming with text that you ended up leaving? Many customers will stop interacting with a page if the text is too chunky for the content they’re looking for. If a user wants a recipe, but it’s attached with a 2,000-word life journal, readers are likely to click out and find another recipe.

To clear your website of chunky text, you should evaluate each page to make sure only the most important information is conveyed. If you find yourself rambling or chatting about multiple subjects, take that text away from the page. Remember, your readers have short attention spans, so you want to capture their attention with captivating, relevant information.

Not all web design is created equal. Having a properly built website design is a must for the success of your company. Being able to build one yourself that fits exactly what you need, may sound mind-boggling. If you’re looking to step up your online presence, set up a time to chat with us at Decision Designs.