3 Reasons To Avoid DIY Websites

The DIY website trend has been around for a while now. And there are many benefits to doing it yourself, including saving money and having the satisfaction of completing the project on your own. But what is the point in investing hours, days, or months into something if you could have hired professionals? This blog post will take an in-depth look at the three differences between DIY and professional websites that may make you rethink that decision.

DIY Websites are Often not Mobile-Friendly

When you hire a professional website builder, they automatically build your website responsive and compatible with all devices. A DIY site may look good on the computer, but if it isn’t mobile-friendly or optimized for use on tablets or smartphones, customers can quickly become frustrated trying to navigate your website or leave without buying. This is extremely common in e-commerce sites, where even a two-second delay can cause the potential customer to search elsewhere for their needs. Website builders consider all of these factors, optimizing for conversions and user-friendliness, no matter what device they are using. They also build the necessary plugins and features that will better engage with customers, such as interactive email newsletters or company blogs to provide industry insights and news.

DIY Websites Don’t Have a Professional Design

This is another common problem found with DIY websites because people often underestimate how important having an attractive website is. When a potential customer visits your company website, it is the first impression they have of you and should represent who you are as an organization. Your website’s design needs to be professional, so customers know that you take their business seriously. You want people to trust your products or services and trust in your brand as a whole.

Professional Websites are Often Faster and More Efficient

When customers visit your website, they expect a quick loading time to see all of your products or services in one place. However, it takes less than five seconds before a person decides if they want to stay or leave, which is usually based on how quickly your website loads. DIY websites may take a long time to load due to the thousands of code lines they often include (and most people aren’t familiar with editing these types of files). They also tend not to be optimized for speed because it isn’t a priority when you do everything yourself. On the other hand, professional website builders know that speed is vital for customer satisfaction and conversion rates, so they take it into account from day one of building your site.

Is DIY Even Worth The Investment?

There are several advantages to doing it yourself, such as saving money and having the pleasure of finishing the task on your own. However, this can come with some serious drawbacks. A professional will ensure that your site is mobile-friendly, looks professional, and is fast and efficient. All of this is crucial for heavy traffic flow and profit!

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