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What are you needing help with?


Do You Have an Existing Website? If So, What Do You Like and Dislike About It?


Why Do You Need to Redesign Your Website?

Do You Have a Style Guide or Any Existing Brand Images?

Please provide anything that might help us understand the current aesthetic of your brand to get a better look-and-feel. Please also provide some (2-4) stock images that you like. You can check in Pinterest,, adobe stock or other websites.

Max. size: 256.0 MB

What Look or Feel Do You Want Your Brand’s Website to Portray?

Define what you do and do not want your future website to portray. How can we ensure that you are in love with the final site, without having to try out a whole host of designs.

Please provide any files or images that portray a vibe that can help us understand aesthetic you are looking for.

Max. size: 256.0 MB

What are Your Favorite Websites and Why?

Please include (2-4) links with a brief explanation of what makes those websites appealing. This is not to copy the website but using the examples you like loosely as inspiration and reference.

Who Are Your Competitors?

Please provide your close competitors for research into their web design, features, and providing an opportunity to learn about the market common practices for your field.

When Analyzing Your Competitors’ Sites, What Do You Like and Dislike About Their Websites?

This helps provide insight into your views on design. Take the websites you love and the websites you hate, then lay out a clear explanation of why for both cases.